Your Neo SIMs have arrived – what’s next?

We know you’re eager to launch your solution. We share your enthusiasm so we created Get Started to help you setup your SIMs and connect your devices to the Neo™ connectivity service as quickly as possible.

  • Assign SIMs to your account

  • Program your device with the Neo APN

  • Transmit a packet data session

These operations are straightforward. Nevertheless, they are key to getting your solution off to the right start. If one of your SIMs is not provisioned in the network, or if the wrong APN is programmed in one of your devices, you may end up spending long hours troubleshooting your connectivity.

Let’s get started!

Our connectivity service is compatible with any GSM Radio Module that is FCC approved and does not require additional certification/approval.GSM Device Approval

Learn more about Aeris device approval

What’s next?

The first thing you need to do is register your new Aeris SIMs to your account. You’ll learn how to do that in the Assign and Provision your SIMs section.